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Angela Brzoza, Licensed Massage Therapist

is the founder and provides the services offered at TEMPLE ARTS. Located in YOGA IN THE CENTER in Mill Creek town center, Angela is excited to be a part of a holistic minded community.

angelabgAs a young child in Canada, Angela studied dance. This began her exploration of the body in movement. In her early teens, the study and practice of yoga began to deepen her understanding of the mind, body, and spirit connection. Some years later, the study of Thai Massage came as a natural progression. Various yoga teacher trainings and workshops, Thai Massage training, dance training, health and wellness study, and many travels have broadened her experiences. This has led her to study, live, and teach in Canada, Hawaii, California, and Washington. Angela honors her many teachers as they have all contributed to the evolution of TEMPLE ARTS - the arts that keep your body a temple for your spirit.

LMP#: MA 60553330

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